sp1009845_0-1A seasoned entertainment journalist and two-time Emmy-nominated TV host, health and fitness expert, certified personal trainer and cancer survivor, Samantha Harris is best known as the host of Dancing With the Stars (eight seasons) and Entertainment Tonight. She currently can be seen as a fill-in host for the nationally syndicated shows Access Hollywood Live and The Better Show, where she also conducts celebrity interviews. Harris has also been on the covers of 11 fitness and health magazines, including SHAPE, Women’s Running, Pilates Style and Muscle & Fitness HERS. Additionally, she has been a fulltime co-host or correspondent for the nationally syndicated lifestyle shows Extra, E! News, and The Insider as well as serving as a contributor for Good Morning America. Additional outlets that have featured her include People, Fitness, USA Today, Us Weekly, In Touch and Star.

In 2014, Harris was diagnosed with Stage II invasive breast cancer. Just days after a clear mammogram, Harris found a lump in her breast. Two of her longtime doctors told her it was “nothing,” but her gut said otherwise. Harris pressed and found the right kind of specialist, and together, they decided on a lumpectomy. Even though this surgical oncologist reassured her that the lump was NOT cancer, she advised Harris remove it anyhow despite negative results from two ultrasounds, an MRI and a needle biopsy. When the pathology results came back, invasive ductal carcinoma was confirmed. But that wasn’t all; after a subsequent double mastectomy, it had also spread to a lymph node. Three surgeries later, Harris is cancer-free and encouraging others: her diagnosis led her and her husband to create to “inspire positivity in the face of adversity.” Whether the issue is illness, injury, a relationship disappointment or a career low, the site helps embolden those faced with one of life’s many challenges. Buoyed by the impact of her Gotta Make Lemonade™ brand, Harris has plans to expand the line to include a children’s book series, merchandise and more.

Whether Harris is conducting a fitness class with her boundless energy, delivering a keynote or performing master of ceremony duties at events such as the Power of P!nk, Ann Cares, the March of Dimes annual convention or the Samsung corporate conference, her infectious enthusiasm garners new fans. Audiences attending her presentations often leave feeling as though they’ve made a friend, due to her warmth and earnestness.

Harris is also involved with March of Dimes, Feeding America (as a member of its Entertainment Council) and the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for women’s cancer research. Through her experiences with these philanthropies, she speaks at events that draw not only intimate audiences, but crowds of thousands. With her recognizable celebrity and relatability, Harris delivers frank talk while she energizes and motivates audiences to get active—whether for health, community or life’s greatest challenges.


  • Founder: Gotta Make Lemonade™
  • Host: Dancing with the Stars (eight seasons); Stars Earn Stripes; E! True Hollywood Story: Investigates
  • Co-Host: Entertainment Tonight; Oscar’s Red Carpet 2008 with Regis Philbin; Extra; E! News; The Insider
  • Guest Host: Access Hollywood Live; The Better Show; Who Wants to be a Millionaire; The View
  • Starred in Chicago as Roxie Hart, on Broadway
  • Member, Entertainment Council for Feeding America
  • Certified personal trainer, actress, TV correspondent/host and speaker


Surviving Cancer: Be Your Own Health Advocate

Young, fit and healthier than ever, Harris was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at 40. She was told by more than one doctor that the lump she found was “nothing.” Due to perseverance, listening to her body and being willing to trust her gut, Harris saved her life by being her own advocate.

In this honest and emotional keynote, Harris shares her rollercoaster ride as she sought answers and navigated the roadblocks that nearly sidelined her. She inspires audiences by encouraging them to be their own best health advocate, and to never take “no” for an answer, especially when instinct tells them differently. By sharing her personal story, Harris will empower your audience to listen to their bodies: they will leave feeling liberated, knowing that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t define them.

Get YOUR Best Body

Harris began her career in Hollywood teaching fitness classes, and health and fitness remains her way of life. In this motivating presentation, Harris shares newfound methods on ways to stay fit and how to discover one’s best body by finding time for exercise and eating healthfully. She’ll also discuss the importance of teaching kids about essentials of exercise and nutritious meal choices.

Additionally, Harris offers an add-on program for those in attendance that includes the Get Your Best Body Workout (an additional 30 or 60 minutes). Inspired by “Ms. Harris’s Fit Tips,” scheduling logs and nutrition suggestions, your audience will walk away encouraged with ways to make their bodies healthier and stronger.

Gotta Make Lemonade™

We all know the saying, “when life give you lemons, make lemonade.” When Harris went public with her cancer diagnosis, the tremendous support and encouragement from survivors she received through social media led her to give back, and was born. The site was conceived to “inspire positivity in the face of adversity.”

In addition to her own lemons-to-lemonade journey, she shares stories from other empowered men and women who took the most daunting or painful challenges in their lives and turned them into positive forces. Audiences will hear stories about people who have overcome huge health obstacles and other life setbacks, and will leave feeling reawakened and ready to take on anything. The Gotta Make Lemonade™ way of life is contagious!

Hunger in Our Own Back Yard

As an anti-hunger advocate and active member of the Entertainment Council for Feeding America, the country’s number on hunger relief organization, Harris speaks passionately about childhood food insecurity—and how we can solve this devastating issue.

Armed with facts and figures, Harris speaks passionately on the issue of hunger in America and how it affects children. She illustrates the dire need for fellow Americans to support those in need by sharing stories of those she has met through volunteering at the food pantry. Far from preachy, she speaks with compassion and warmth on just how easy it is to help, whether financially or by volunteering time. Attendees will be moved and encouraged to be positive agents of change.

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