A native of Chicago, IL, J. Thurman uses his experience as an educator, best-selling author, and power speaker/coach to bring forth an offering that transforms the ideas of human relationships which ultimately lead to our success. He is a graduate of Southern University Agricultural& Mechanical College Baton Rouge, LA and lives in Atlanta, GA.Through High Impact Empowerment Sessions J. Thurman have shows colleges and university students how to achieve extraordinary measurable bottom-line results from cultivating the power of relationships. He does this by emphasizing “Motivation, Prevention and Leadership. J. Thurman is a Master communicator with degrees in Psychology and Political Science.

In arriving as an entrepreneur, J. Thurman decided to take the lessons in life and as a public figure to form Zodok LLC. “I only wish to give students a powerful life changing message that will keep them on track to graduate and help them live extraordinary lives. One of my goals is to assist in the positive transformation of your students by making sure they know how to, “Maximizing Their Potential “NOW”.

What I Can Do For You

J. Thurman shows students how to fall in love with their college experience. As a result of what J. Thurman does, individuals in his educational sessions are able to:

  • Increase student retention through purpose, accountability, leadership and service.
  • Maximize their educational achievement throughout their collegiate career.
  • Find their chosen career within the first six months after graduation.
  • Create relationships “NOW” that will guarantee instant success.
  • Give back to their Alma Mater and getting other to do the same.

Based on this, we launch, coach and develop your students to make global contributions. I am looking for forward thinking institutions that are vested in contributing to economic, educational and community development with their most valuable resource in mind, their student body.



What we are all about


To empower people to maximize their potential inside and out by helping them overstand the nature and power of Choice, Prevention and Relationships, bringing these elements together to execute higher standards of leadership.

Our vision is to have all people share in the human experience as a family utilizing our resource to unify. Within us, all is a calling that must be tapped into in order to direct our mind to whatever means we desire toward our major chief aim in life. With the focus on the human family and the shared illumination of diversity, through all means of innovation, our future will be one of life, prosperity, and abundance.