“The Credit Coaching System”

Real Estate Agents and Lenders, Don’t let poor credit clients “Walk Out Your Door” and reduce your monthly and annual financial goals!

Partnership Services
Buyers Credit Coach, Inc. enables businesses whose profits depend on consumer credit reports an alternative to outsourcing customers to independent credit repair providers.

The Buyers Credit Coach Credentials
• Reviewed in 2006 and 2015 by the State of Georgia Office of Consumer Protection
• Member of the Metro Atlanta Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating

As a Partner Help Your Clients
• Improve credit scores by taking personal responsibility
• Get control over negative credit reports by providing tools
• Position them to purchase that home, even lower interest rates

Our Proven System
Will teach your clients how to fight back regarding creditors who may be harassing them and abusing their good name. Clients can cut through the red tape and be one step ahead of the credit maze.

Benefits of Partnership
• Your own dedicated website www.CreditCoachingSystem.com/YourName
• Over 75 Pre-written legal letters that tackle every credit scenario
• Simple 5 phase credit process that “Get Results”
• Clients receive letter from you every month for encouragement

Did you know that 79% of all credit reports contain errors?

Credit Coaching System is the engine that fuels the Credit Restoration experience for the partner and user.  The system is a dedicated portal entry to gather and use the tools to get help with credit today.  Business owners and partners advocate the use of this system as it is simple and help customers get results when used correctly.  This is the 3rd Version of the CCS which included over 75 Ready Letters that speak to almost very situation.  Audio file clips explaining the documents for users who need additional help.  All forms are editable by the user and stored in a permanent storage for future use and recreation.  Time charts and addresses of credit bureaus are already populated.

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Corporate Credit www.BuyersCreditCoach.com
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Military Credit Assistance www.1SGCredit.com